How will your next employer find you?

How can you establish yourself as a trusted authority in your field?

With so much competition, standing out can be a challenge.
How will you succeed?

Simple answer: Be relevant and discovered in search results.

Whether you are looking for a job or working to get a better one,  your potential employer will look much farther than your resume. They will search for you online, checking out your social media, your online writing, your complete presence in the digital world. When you look at that presence right now, what do you see?

  • Blog posts that express your domain authority and expertise?
  • Social media feeds like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook that reflect who you are?
  • Interviews on podcasts and in articles that illustrate your experience?

What do you think – does the person you present show off your best self?  If you think it doesn’t, and people don’t really see who you are, I can help.  You know what we need to do?

Take control of your narrative.


Think about it. Your narrative is really all you have. It’s how people get to know you. It’s indispensable, a story you can’t get away with not telling. I’m about to tell you mine in a moment.  But before I do, let’s figure out why a program in personal branding is important to you. Are you:

  • Looking for a job?
  • Changing jobs?
  • Changing careers?
  • Getting ready to ask for a raise or promotion?

You’re going to need to tell a story about yourself to get what you want. We all need stories that are deeper than what a resume can deliver. When an employer wants to hire you or give you a better position or a raise, they will tell themselves a story – about you.

It’s up to you to take control.

You need to provide a personal story for your audience. You might do it in a blog, a podcast, in social media. If you don’t provide the story, you probably won’t get the job or the raise. If you do – well, let’s just say that it’s so important that I have to tell you my story right now.

About Me

As a media-maker, writer, and pitch expert, I have decades of experience. I was a writer on Good Morning America, a producer on Dateline NBC, executive producer on documentaries and specials for The Learning Channel, History Channel, Discovery Health, Bravo, Food Network and others. As Communications Director at Red Cup I work with companies in education technology, medical technology, food tech and more. I write for Medium and The Huffington Post. I produce the popular Cult/Tech Podcast. I am the author of the Amazon bestseller Be More Popular: Culture-Building for Startups, Chronicle of a Startup Town: Los Angeles, Powerful Online Delivery Systems: Free and Low-Cost Platforms for Creative Individuals and Companies, and the forthcoming  Angel Investor Handbook. I am an instructor for USC, teaching a course in entrepreneurship and communications, and am a mentor at USC’s Blackstone Launchpad incubator. I’ve taught business and entrepreneurship classes at General Assembly in Santa Monica and downtown LA.  As a media guy for the past few decades, I know how important your narrative is and I want to help you to express yours.

Would you like to get into the specifics of how this would work for you? Let’s set up some time to talk on the phone.

A Six-Month Program Created Especially for you

In my personalized six-month coaching program, you will work with me to shape the personal brand you need to get what you want.  We will support it with the online media that will help you land a great job, move up in your current job, or change careers.

How it Works

Each month, we will meet for an hour via Uberconference. During the call, you’ll reset and reinforce goals, sharpen your objectives and move closer toward your dream job or career change. We will work on building credibility in your social media feeds, create writing projects, and develop your domain authority over the best platform for you online. I’ll give you assignments to complete by the next meeting. I’ll be available via email for questions between calls and will go over any assignments and give you feedback.

What You Get

Together we will create a personal brand that resonates with the target audience in your industry.

  • Using our business intelligence research platform, we discover the best channels to help you become more visible
  • We create social media content strategies for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram
  • We create and maintain social media feeds
  • We discuss blogging strategies for Medium and LinkedIn Pulse, the top spots where employers discover you
  • We create from three to six blogs, depending on your pace of work
  • Using sophisticated business intelligence research, I’ll reveal which topics will get you the most reach and resonance
  • My staff of researchers provides data, support, and editorial assistance

We are in this together.  I’ve got your back.

Your Investment

Your investment in your future is $2400 paid in full for the six-month program, or six monthly payments of $425.  The program is by application only. Apply now.

Additional Editorial Services

  • Professional resume writing  – $500 per resume
  • Logo design –  $500 per logo
  • Write and post a press release about you – $750 per release
  • Create and post your media kit – PDF or online – $750 with design included
  • Research and edit your professional white paper – $1500


What if I am a startup founder and I want my company to become more visible along with me?

I work with startups a lot, so we can custom-design the program to raise your visibility along with your startup. Let me know if you need that and I will direct you to an intake form for that program.

Do you specialize in branding for certain industries? 

I work with anyone who needs an online presence. Examples include authors, filmmakers, entrepreneurs, consultants, engineers, application designers, CEOs, CIOs, chief marketing officers, and community managers.

When we are working on writing articles, how private is it? Do I have to post anything before I am ready?

For documents, I work in online apps like Quip and Google Docs so that we can edit together.  If we are working on social media feeds, we can use an app like Buffer that allows us to put up drafts for review. We only post material when you are ready.

How advanced in my career do I have to be for personal branding to be effective?

Personal branding is necessary for your first job search, on to searches for your next executive position. It is valuable for you when changing careers, or when re-starting, and rebranding your career.

The program is by application only.

The application is online. Take control of your narrative. Make your online self show off your expertise, smarts, and relevance.

Case Studies

The founder of OptIn, Kerry Dolan, needed to differentiate her startup from similar services. OptIn is a program designed to help women re-enter the workforce after taking time off to raise a family or be caregivers. I developed a blog series to profile how Kerry’s company was able to help women who wanted to opt back in or who were already back at work. I helped find women to profile in the Her Story series and developed the blog series for Kerry and her staff to post on their site and share in social media. I also worked with Kerry’s staff to share and post content for OptIn’s social media feeds. Using search tools like Feedly and Meltwater, and posting tools like Buffer, made the process easy and fun. Kerry’s personal brand and the brand of her company have a sharper focus.

Rob Jacobs, the co-founder of UnSit, had a great idea and a brand new company. UnSit makes and markets a treadmill called the WALK-1 that fits under your standing desk. Rob has a wealth of experience in health and fitness markets. We needed to shape his message to communicate the value of UnSit, in words that sounded right for him. We also needed to discover the best way to convey his message to journalists and podcast producers who wanted to interview them for articles and broadcasts. I’ve worked with Rob to tell his personal and professional story in a way that resonates with media professionals. He is regularly doing interviews now with confidence and clarity.

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