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Mastering the media ecosystem is a challenge.

Life comes at you fast, especially if you work in media. You may have been laid off recently, passed over for a promotion, or want a better job. We’ve all been there. I worked in newsrooms for a couple of decades before starting my own media company. Why did I make that change? I saw what was coming down the road. Consolidations and budget cuts tell only part of the story. The character of the media ecosystem was changing — and continues to change today. As a writer, producer, and director I wasn’t getting the work I wanted. Is that your situation now?

One of the great things about working in media is that we have proof of what we do well. We have a reel or writing samples. Here’s the deal: You need to be discovered online.

Whether you are looking for a job or working to get a better one,  your potential employer first has to discover you and get a sense of your reputation online. Once they meet you, will look beyond your resume and past your reel. 

Take control of your narrative

Think about it. Your narrative is really all you have. It’s how people get to know you. It’s indispensable, a story you can’t get away with not telling. Are any of these a fit for you?

  • I’m looking for a new job.
  • I want to retool my career.
  • I have skills but don’t know how to package them in today’s media ecosystem.
  • I’m getting ready to ask for a raise or promotion and need some coaching.

You’re going to need to tell a story about yourself to get what you want. We all need stories that are deeper than what a resume can deliver. When an employer wants to hire you or give you a better position or a raise, they will tell themselves a story – about you. You might do it in a blog, a podcast, in social media. If you don’t provide the story, you probably won’t get the job or the raise.

As a media-maker, writer, and pitch expert, I have decades of experience. I was a writer on Good Morning America, a producer on Dateline NBC, executive producer on documentaries and specials for The Learning Channel, History Channel, Discovery Health, Bravo, Food Network and others. As Creative Director and Editor-in-Chief at Red Cup, I supervise production on podcasts, audiobooks, and edit articles and ebooks. I write for Medium and The Huffington Post. I produce the popular Cult/Tech Podcast. I am the author of the Amazon bestseller Be More Popular: Culture-Building for Startups, Chronicle of a Startup Town: Los Angeles, Powerful Online Delivery Systems: Free and Low-Cost Platforms for Creative Individuals and Companies, the Angel Playbook and ACE YOUR EBOOK.

I am an instructor for USC, where for the past few years I’ve taught a course in entrepreneurship and communications. I am a mentor at USC’s Blackstone Launchpad incubator. I’ve taught business and entrepreneurship classes at General Assembly in Santa Monica and downtown LA.

I know how important your narrative is and I want to help you to express yours.

A Six-Month Program Created Especially for you

In my personalized six-month coaching program, you will work with me to shape the personal brand you need to get what you want.  We will support it with the online media that will help you land a great job, move up in your current job, or change careers.

How it Works

Each month, we will meet for an hour via Uberconference. During the call, you’ll reset and reinforce goals, sharpen your objectives and move closer toward landing your dream job, reworking your career in media, or a complete career change. We will work on building credibility in your social media feeds, create writing projects, and develop your domain authority over the best platform for you online. I’ll give you assignments to complete by the next meeting. I’ll be available via email for questions between calls and will go over any assignments and give you feedback.

What You Get

Together we will create a personal brand that resonates with the target audience in your industry.

  • We discover the best channels to help you become more visible.
  • We create social media content strategies for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.
  • We create and maintain social media feeds.
  • We discuss blogging strategies for Medium and LinkedIn Pulse, the top spots where employers discover you.
  • If your focus is video, we build Vimeo and YouTube portfolios.
  • If you’re a writer, we create blogs.
  • You’ll come away from the program with a new direction and sense of purpose.
  • You’ll also have fresh media to showcase your skills.

We are in this together.


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What if I am a startup founder and not a media person?

I work with startups a lot. Have a look at this version of the branding program.

Do you specialize in branding for certain industries? 

I’m a media guy. My domain expertise is with journalists, nonfiction writers, producers, directors, and editors.

Do I have to post anything before I am ready?

For documents, I work in online apps like Quip and Google Docs so that we can edit together.  If we are working on social media feeds, we can use an app like Buffer that allows us to put up drafts for review. We can keep Vimeo and YouTube links private and password protected. We only post material when you are ready.

How advanced in my career do I have to be for personal branding to be effective?

It is valuable for you when changing careers, or when re-starting and rebranding your career. It also works when looking for your first job, to set an online identity that employers can recognize.

The program is by application only.

The application is online. Take control of your narrative and fill out the form with no obligation. I’ll get in touch with you whether you are accepted into the program or not. Good luck!

Photo by Smart on Unsplash