For Individuals

Trying to re-brand or re-enter the job market? Here’s the deal: You need to be discovered online.

Whether you are looking for a job or rebranding,  your potential employer first has to discover you and get a sense of your reputation online. Once they meet you, will look beyond your resume and past your reel. 

Take control of your narrative

Think about it. Your narrative is really all you have. It’s how people get to know you. It’s indispensable, a story you can’t get away with not telling. I know how important your narrative is and I want to help you to express yours.

I can help you master these critical channels.

  1. Start your social media feeds. I do a market analysis to determine what social media channels will be best for you, whether they are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, reddit, or YouTube. I’ll give you an action plan for how to keep them filled with relevant material to engage your audience

  2. Create memorable and actionable articles. Stake your claim to thought leadership with articles for your blog or for guest posting. I provide research suggestions and editorial assistance to help you create your best material.

  3. Create short-form videos that are shareable and engaging. The most popular and yet the most challenging part of the Web is video.

  4. Create podcasts that build an audience and create a lasting presence for you online.

A One-Month Intensive Program

We meet on the phone or via Zoom for an hour each week.  You’ll come out of the program with an action plan for yourself or your team to build your brand online. Additional sessions are available on an individual basis.

What You Get

Together we will create a personal brand action plan that resonates with the target audience in your industry.

  • Research the best channels to help you become more visible.
  • Develop the media you need.
  • Consult with you your short-form video
  • Consult with you on podcasting
  • Editorial support for your articles and blogs
  • Create and maintain social media feeds

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Do you work with teams or with individuals?

Both. If you enroll as a company up to three members of your team can participate.

Do you specialize in branding for certain industries? 

My experience spans medical tech, education tech, fitness, food tech, authors, photographers, fashion, and startups.

The program is by application only.

The application is online. Take control of your narrative and fill out the form with no obligation. I’ll get in touch with you whether you are accepted into the program or not. Good luck!

Photo by Smart on Unsplash