Your Brand Narrative

You must tell a story about yourself

A new company needs market validation. No matter what your preferred term, be it growth hacking, customer outreach, or customer development, acting on your market research and developing a customer base is what makes a company, brand, venture or idea thrive. If you can’t tell a story, you’re in trouble.


Your narrative will make or break you

Your new company, startup, blog, book, or podcast will become known by the story it tells about itself and the promises you make to your listeners, fans, and customers. When we talk about your brand, we are talking about those elements. The best way to accomplish that is by developing media around your brand. Write articles, develop guest posts, and produce podcasts. Present your company narrative to journalists and bloggers so they can write about it. When an investor, potential client, or customer is looking for you online, you’ll show up higher in search results. You’ll also show up in relevant online outlets, blogs, magazines, and podcasts that your audience reads and listens to, and this will help validate their choice to work with you. We call this populating search. It works for new companies, and it works for angels who want to become better known and increase their chances of being discovered by founding teams.

Loyalty is built directly on a foundation of storytelling

The narrative a company constructs about itself, its mission, its founders, and its team is what drives people to try you if you are new and to stick with you if you are established.

Consider these brand narratives. “Sharing makes the world a better place” has worked well for Facebook. Elon Musk’s vision of Tesla “saving the planet one electric car at a time” is a narrative that has resonated with buyers who have money to spend. Google’s mission to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful is grand but also easy to grasp. Your narrative is how people know you and position your company or idea in their mind.

Be relevant and discovered in search results.

At Red Cup, we believe that an online narrative is what makes your discoverable. Customers, users, friends, and financial backers connect to the media you build around yourself.  When you look at your company presence online , what do you see?

  • Blog posts that express your domain authority and expertise?
  • Social media feeds like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook that reflect who you are?
  • Interviews on podcasts and in articles that illustrate your experience?

If you have all that, wonderful – you are ahead of the game. If you have little or none of it, you’d better get started. People are searching for you, investors want to back you, customers want to buy from you – but they will not know who you are.

Take control of your narrative today

How it Works

This is a six-month program. You work with Lee Schneider directly to shape your brand message and develop the best ways to deploy your message online.

Each month, you will meet with Lee for an hour via Uberconference. The program begins with developing and sharpening your brand message. As the calls roll out, you’ll reset and reinforce goals, sharpen your objectives and deploy media, advertising, and editorial content around your brand message. The program includes building credibility in social media feeds, creating blogs and other media projects, and developing your domain authority. At the end of each call, Lee will give you assignments to complete by the next meeting.

What You Get

Working together, we create a brand message that resonates with the target audience in your industry.

  • Using Meltwater, our business intelligence platform, we discover the best channels
  • We create social media content strategies for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram
  • We create and maintain social media feeds
  • Our staff of researchers provides research and editorial assistance
  • We discuss blog, media, and editorial content strategies
  • We set your plans to develop blogs, ebooks, articles, or podcasts
  • We execute on these plans so you can create the media you need

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Case Studies

The founder of OptIn, Kerry Dolan, needed to differentiate her startup from similar services. OptIn is a program designed to help women re-enter the workforce after taking time off to raise a family or be caregivers. I developed a blog series to profile how Kerry’s company was able to help women who wanted to opt back in or who were already back at work. I helped find women to profile in the Her Story series and developed the blog series for Kerry and her staff to post on their site and share in social media. I also worked with Kerry’s staff to share and post content for OptIn’s social media feeds. Using search tools like Feedly and Meltwater, and posting tools like Buffer, made the process easy and fun. Kerry’s personal brand and the brand of her company have a sharper focus.

Rob Jacobs, the co-founder of UnSit, had a great idea and a brand new company. UnSit makes and markets a treadmill called the WALK-1 that fits under your standing desk. Rob has a wealth of experience in health and fitness markets. We needed to shape his message to communicate the value of UnSit, in words that sounded right for him. We also needed to discover the best way to convey his message to journalists and podcast producers who wanted to interview them for articles and broadcasts. I’ve worked with Rob to tell his personal and professional story in a way that resonates with media professionals. He is regularly doing interviews now with confidence and clarity.

Empire State Building Image:  by Maarten van den Heuvel on Unsplash

Startup by Štefan Štefančík on Unsplash